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    This project is an experiment to develop alternative ways of storytelling. The website tells the stories of an imaginary party store and its employees using various media such as e-mail, website, SMS and smartphone apps. Events are told from different perspectives, allowing visitors to continuously changing perspectives and media. The project is scheduled for 2012.
  • Virtueel Museum  IRL
    Museum objects tell the best stories when you put a few together. These stories can also be different for everyone, and everyone can tell their own story using a few carefully chosen objects or paintings. The Virtual Museum project IRL Internet allows people to set their own exhibition and the exhibition would be in the real view. We hope this project during 2012. See this video on YouTube.
  • Dutch Culture Link
    In collaboration with the UBA (University Library UVA) and TIN (Theatre Institute Netherlands) we are working on a project that demonstrates the practical possibilities of Linked Open Data from legacy databases. Ad Aerts (sArte) and Lukas Koster (UBA) presented this project in May 2011 on the ELAG conference in Prague.
  • Website Jan Mul Foundation works in partnership with the city library of Haarlem on a website about the Haarlem composer Jan Mul. This website is online since March 2011.
  • Spitsvondige t-shirts
    An Illustrator, a concept designer and a technician created tweet-shirt together. The idea hit so that Foundation has launched a shirtshop: witty t-shirts with a nod to new media. The revenuies will go to new projects of the Foundation.
  • Medisch Centrum happy
    A virtual interactive soap that was completely intertwined with the chat site Because the original site no longer exists Foundation has built a reconstruction. Read more...
  • Zomaar een website
    De url shows an arbitrary website every time it is called. Anyone with a website can register at no cost.
  • Wensprikbord
    Op kun je een wens via internet kenbaar maken. Niet alleen dat je een briefje op dit prikbord kunt hangen, je kunten anderen (anoniem) erop wijzen dat er een nieuw bericht op het prikbord staat.
  • GrafittyWall
    De sArte GrafittyWall is een site waar gebruikers via sms een virtuele muur kunnen versieren met teksten. Op de muur zie je een willekeurige selectie van de meest recent ingestuurde bijdragen. Zodra iemand een tag naar de muur smst, verschijnt deze meteen.
    Gebruikers kunnen ook een eigen muur maken. Dit project is inmiddels afgesloten.


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